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The Best Cues for Your Handstands...

... Don't exist.

I was watching an academic (and past circus performer) speak about handstands from the research perspective and came to learn that... The research is pretty lacking.

While there were some findings from academia, most of his sharing came from his personal experiences in practice and coaching. This also means there is no golden rule in handstands. What you learn from a coach/ friend/ influencer, is simply a perception.

When we live in a world of greys, there begs the question - how do I know what's right and what's wrong? Humans crave simplicity and clarity, but the real world is full of nuances. What is right for you may not work for another. What seems to be the truth for one person could be the opposite for another. As a body movement practitioner, the onus is on us to listen to our bodies and let our bodies tell us more about the experience.

In my experience, hiring a coach who has studied with different coaches and worked with different bodies helps clarify what may work for you. They tend to be more comfortable with nuances and accepting of what your truth may be. Your body holds intelligence and it is your coach's responsibility to identify your body's needs and not force-fit a discipline's ideologies onto your unique body.

The key lies in balance, respect and communication.


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