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What's The Best Handstand Drill to Do?

Updated: Apr 9

The handstand drill you do.

Perhaps as humans, we love the drama. We have big fantasies of luxurious long practices, or being able to execute beautiful transitions that bring you the best bragging rights. This often develops into huge expectations of how you want to practice, the perfect practice environment and fancy new equipment you can use... Which can very quickly get overwhelming and make us feel self-defeated.

The best drills to do are those that you know you will do, on days you're tired, frustrated and rushing to places. The best drills make you feel excited to step on the mat. The best drills pique your interest and curiosity to see how your body shows up today. The best drills are those that get done.

The drills work only because we put in the work.

I find that the best way to get work done is with

  1. A weekly plan that was put together to help you achieve your goals

  2. A coach & accountability partner who will give you the right changes and modifications to help you progress

  3. A fixed training schedule that is blocked out on your calendar

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

So let's plan to do the best handstand drills. And let's drill our handstand plan (:

Happy Handstanding,



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